International Monodrama Forum (IMF) Report

Segovia Report – July 2017

In our meeting on the 19th of July we were 16 members (old and new) including our President Mohamed Al Afkham.

First of all we welcomed the new members:

  1. Irin Pervin Lopa (Bangladesh)
  2. Katia Engel (Indonesia)
  3. Yena Gim (Korea)
  4. Lucian Bulathsmhala (Sri Lanka)
  5. Nikhil Gadgil
  6. Ghanghwa Gim (Korea)
  7. Ebraheim Alqahoumi
  8. Abdul Chafoor Albaloshi (UAE)
  9. Jessica A. Kaahwa (Uganda)
  10. Jerome L. de Silva (Sri Lanka)

We talked about the nature of monodrama and the new members shared their experience of monodrama in their countries.

The old members informed us of their future monodrama festivals:

  1. Fujairah International Monodrama Festival (UAE, January-February 2018)
  2. International Festival of Monoperformances Vidlunnya (Ukraine, 6-15 June 2018)
  3. Thespis (Kiel, Germany 10-16 November, 2018)
  4. Fundamental International Monodrama Festival (Luxembourg, June 2018)
  5. International Festival of Monoperformances (Visaginas, Lithuania, 10-15 October 2017)
  6. International Festival of Monodrama MonoAKT (Kosovo, June 2018)
  7. Cape Town Monodrama Festival (South Africa, 4 – 9 September)

We agreed on meetings during the aforementioned festivals, depending on our availability.

We agreed to continue with the same board:

Mohamed Al Afkham (president)

Nina Mazur (vice president)

Annette Doffin (vice president)

Olga Pozeli (secretary)