iSTAN, the international Stage Arts Network’s announcements

iSTAN, the international Stage Arts Network, a joint initiative between the International Theatre Institute and the Central Academy of Drama Beijing, has two very exciting announcements it wishes to share with you.

First, it would like to make you all aware of theiSTAN International Theatre Costume and Makeup Design Competitionwhich it will be running in 2018. This competition is open to Professionals and Students from all over the globe, and is split into two categories of Costume Design and Make-up Design.

The second event that iSTAN wishes to announce is theiSTAN International Costume and Makeup Design Academic Week 2018 which will take place in Beijing, China, from11-16 December 2018.This Academic Week will include lectures and workshops from a cast of international experts in an attempt to enhance international cooperation in the fields of stage and makeup design.

Best regards,
CHEN Zhongwen
Director for Collaborations