Was bedeutet Heimat in der Mongolei – und in der Schweiz?

What does home in Mongolia and Switzerland mean?

We are pleased to present an important project by our board member Ursula Werdenberg:

The radio project “What does home in Mongolia and Switzerland mean?” Has been online on SRF Radio since August 1st.
With students of the Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture (MNUAC) and students of the composer class of the Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK, nine short radio plays were created in close cooperation with Ursula Werdenberg (dramaturge, author), Päivi Stalder (radio play director at SRF), Till Löffler (composer, Lecturer for composition and music theory at the ZHdK). The project was created in cooperation with the NGO URBAN NOMADS // NOMAD CITIZENS, artistic directors Corinna Bethge and Bayarmaa Munkhbayar, who have been initiating and organizing international art college projects with Mongolia since 2012.


The short audio plays from Mongolia are in Mongolian, but you still get an impression of the work of the students, the short radio plays from Switzerland are in German or Swiss German.
If you want to know more about the content of the Mongolian radio plays, click on the content information that Oyuntuya Munkhjargal wrote:

It is the first time that two national radio stations SRF from Switzerland and MNB (Mongolian National Broadcaster) from Mongolia are working together.
The radio play project was also broadcast by the MNB.

You can hear all radio plays here.