WORKSHOP perpetuomobileteatro

Workshop on physical theatre and non-verbal dramaturgy

Directed by Marco Cupellari and Sara Bocchini: Participants will be leaded through a program that will include physical training, improvisation, interpretation and composition:

The conclusion will be the creation of an original theatrical short performance, inspired either by a text or a character, or a scene from a pre-existing show, or simply an idea that has not yet taken shape. On April 19th, as final phase of exploration of the created material, a public restitution of the work is planned at Spazio ELLE.

The body is deepness, space that welcomes, hosts and reveals. The aim of physical training is to discover and release the connections between its parts, refining perception and approaching a state of transparent and accurate presence. Through the exploration of the contact with the ground, the centres of gravity, weight, impulses and partner work, we will enter into a playful dialogue with the body and the space.

Body and voice, their many expressive possibilities in relation to a space constantly to be defined and a time to be dominated, will be the tools to translate ideas and suggestions into actions that are both concrete and symbolic. Dramatizing movement means to create a composition that has meaning and tension, that is comprehensible and able to communicate with the audience on a physical, emotional and intellectual level.

Through this workshop the company also aims to meet and get to know performers and artists for future collaborations.

Info and registration:

Location: Spazio ELLE, Piazza Pedrazzini 12, Locarno, Switzerland.
Dates and times: 14-19 April 2022, 09:30 / 17:00. 17:00 / 18:30 Free space for individual work. Registration deadline: April 7, 2022 – Minimum number of participants: 6
Cost of participation: 450 CHF/450 EURO – Early booking (March 15): 380 CHF/ 380 EURO

Accommodation available at Spazio ELLE from 4 to 11 of April.
2 rooms (4 beds each): 20 CHF/20 EURO per person per night. A confirmation for the room will be requested with the registration. A shared kitchen will be available for all participants.