35th ITI World Congress Newsletter: 14 July to 22 July 2017 in Segovia, Spain

Dear Congress attendants, dear Colleagues, dear Friends

First of all, from everyone involved in the team of the General Secretariat: we look forward to welcoming you in Segovia, at the 35th ITI World Congress.

Here is some basic information for you: What is new for the Congress in Segovia? The answers to these questions will give you some hints regarding new developments you can expect at the next Congress.

The first and second part of the General Assembly will take place on the very first day.
Unlike previous Congresses, when the General Assembly was split over three days, the General Assembly at this Congress will happen on Monday, during the morning and afternoon. Why? Because the intention of the Executive Council, the General Secretariat and the Spanish Centre is to create an artistic Congress. By doing the General Assembly at the beginning, it will leave plenty of space for workshops, presentations, performances and discussions. The first and second part of the General Assembly is mainly targeted for the heads of delegations, but any congress delegate may attend.

The third part of the General Assembly on Saturday is open to anyone and is held in the traditional way, on Saturday morning: with discussions about motions, declarations, presentations and more.

Congress with a lot of young practitioners
Based on the feedback during the Yerevan Congress and on the ideas of the Young Practitioners´ Committee (YPC), this congress has opened the doors wide open for young practitioners and students. With the ITI Centres including at least one young practitioner (18 to 35 years old) in their delegation, and with the Student Festival (see below), this Congress intends to have the highest percentage of young people attending in the history of ITI Congresses.

The Congress is organizing an ITI Centre Speed Dating
The work of the Regional Councils has markedly improved the connection between Centres in concentrated regions. What about the connection and collaboration of Centres all over the world? The ITI Centre Speed Dating has been created for this Congress with this in mind. It encourages one person of each Centre to encounter numerous colleagues from other Centres, not just from their geo-political area, but from across the world. Most probably the ITI Centres Speed Dating will happen outside, in the shadows of a tree in one of the beautiful parks in Segovia. More information about Speed Dating can be found on the internet. More detailed information about the ITI Centres Speed Dating is in preparation.

The Congress is integrating an International Dance Symposium during the Congress
Under the guidance of the Spanish Centre, in collaboration with the International Dance Committee, the Congress is offering, for the first time, an International Dance Symposium. Integrated in the Congress programme, the Symposium is offering short and long performances, workshops, lectures and much more for dance professionals and anybody who is interested in dance. Please include dancers in your delegation or inform dancers you know to attend the Congress. More detailed information soon.

The Congress is integrating a Student Festivals as a Congress Prologue
Together with UNESCO, ITI initiated the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts with 21 Universities participating. Under the leadership of Derek Goldman (Co-Director of the Network), Daniel Bausch (Executive Council Member ITI and Board Member of the Network) and Tobias Biancone (President of the Network and DG ITI) a three day Student Festival is organized as Congress Prologue and hosted by the Spanish Centre and the Municipality of Segovia. Around 100 students and leaders of the universities are participating at the festival with performances. The students of the festival are invited to stay for the whole time of the Congress, do collaborative work with each other and participate in the activities of the Congress – hosted by the Congress organizers. All delegates of ITI are welcome the performances of the Student Festival.