Moving through words ist das Thema der Research Academy 2016 vom 26. August bis 3. September an der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK).

Unter der Leitung von Scott deLahunta (UK) und Karin Harrasser (A) werden 12 Teilnehmende aus den Bereichen Tanz, Theater und Performance Art mittels künstlerischer Experimente den Gebrauch von Sprache im kreativen Prozess erforschen

The RESEARCH ACADEMY is an international platform based at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) in cooperation with the Institute of Theatre and Dance Studies, University of Berne. It aims to develop artistic practices and foster research through the strong interaction between fellows, faculty members, the artistic community, and the general public. The RESEARCH ACADEMY seeks to explore artistic strategies of contemporary performance practices in order to ask how they speak back to the cultural and economic environment, the political landscape and social values.

In 2016 the RESEARCH ACADEMY interrogates the affordances of language in the context of making performance. How do we set someone creatively ‘in motion’ through words? How can language as a stimulus, trigger, inducer, instigator (or spell) be used to generate performative acts in dance and theatre? Additionally, what various modes and registers of language might be used for reflecting artistic processes? It is across this landscape of relations that we intend to put forward our main questions: What else can language do, when language is itself taken as a practice? Over 9 days of artistic research, the participants will explore these questions integrating practical experience with critical engagement and reflection on a high level. The RESEARCH ACADEMY 2016 will be directed by an expert faculty from dance, theater, and theory: Scott deLahunta (UK), and Karin Harrasser (A). For further information see: