Performance, Lies and Videotape: Beyond Documentation

20 July 2017, 17h30-19h30
Theater der Künste, Gessnerallee 11, Zurich (ZHdK)

The Colloquium gives insight in the working process of the RESEARCH ACADEMY 2017 and the newly set up research RESEARCH VIDEO PROJEKT of ZHdK about documenting and publishing artistic processes. With a lecture by Katrin Oettli (Swiss Dance Archive) and a response by Scott deLahunta (Motion Bank).

The RESEARCH ACADEMY is an international platform for dance, theatre, performance and film based at ZHdK in cooperation with the Institute of Theatre and Dance Studies, University of Berne (ITW).
The forth edition 2017 is directed by Scott deLahunta and Andrea Keiz.


35th ITI World Congress in Segovia, Spain : 17 to 22 July 2017

Every two to three years the members of members of the International Theatre Institute meet at the ITI World Congress, in a different city, on the invitation of the Centre of the country. The hosting Centre invites delegates of the members of ITI – the Centres and the Cooperating Members. Members of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts, theatre, dance, circus and music partner organizations of ITI, performing artists, educators and trainers, politicians, World Theatre Ambassadors as well as leaders of UNESCO, the UN and other international organizations are welcome to attend the Congress – any persons related with the performing arts and/or ITI may be invited as guests or as observers to the Congress. 

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