We are happy to announce our new edition of the advanced studies program of Accademia Dimitri CAS Performing Arts in Conflict Zones:

IN A GLOBALIZED WORLD in which the consequences of violence, war and discrimination have become an integral part of our lives, politics is created with angst, demarcation and isolation determining everyday life. The CAS Performing Arts Practice in Conflict Zones offers an opportunity to open new spaces of reflection and action.

THE CAS IS DEVELOPED in collaboration with the Swiss Center of ITI (International Theatre Institute). It is aimed at professional artists from Europe as well from Middle Eastern countries, for example Iraq, Syria, Afganistan who want to bring their performing arts practice in local and international conflict and crisis zones.

THE CAS SHARES TOOLS for initiating sustainable projects that strengthen solidarity and emancipatory processes within a society. It enables the participants to reflect on themselves and on their work as creative artists supporting cultural initiatives, to deal with gender justice, with one’s own privileges and to examine one’s view of inequality and power relations.

THE CAS IMPARTS BASIC KNOWLEDGE of how theatre professionals without therapeutic knowledge can become more confident in dealing with the consequences of violence and trauma.

THE CAS IS PRACTICE-ORIENTED, conceived in direct artistic collaboration with people and artists of different origins as a place of exchange, creation and practical experience, and sees itself as an exploration of a new form of concretely applied inter- and transculturality.

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