Few words about Scensverige

Fall season at last!
There´s not a day without some our members announce their packed, challenging, inspiring
and unpredictable programs. Not to mention all the exciting courses, seminars and training
opportunities that are announced.  My tip is to be on full speed already in September because
more and more premiers are coming. Take a look at which performances open this month in

Scensverige – Swedish ITI is a member´s organization where both institutions, city theaters, national theatres, independent producers, universities, unions, festivals, alliances and employer´s organizations are members. Each member appoints its representatives to the Council meeting in the spring, for the annual meeting and the autumn Council meeting. At the autumn council meeting it is common for the Education Committee arrange a seminar or panel call etc. In the autumn we will try something new. Instead of just organizing a seminar for council members, we will open the doors of everyone who is attached to any member, ie everyone in the staff, the ensembles, the students, and others after the short council meeting. The event will take place in Stockholm on November 27th, with the preliminary time 2-4 pm. We will get back with venue and program information, but be sure to book the date! The subject will be very relevant and the Education Committee represents all the artistic universities in the country. We are planning to place these council meetings in cities other than Stockholm in the future, so do not despair if it’s too far for you to go this time. Here you can see all our members.
We are very pleased that we have had Kompani Giraff, Karavan Performing Arts Collective, Culture Academy Trappan, Opera Improvisers, Theater Tribunal and Theater Martin Mutter welcome as new members!

Scensverige´s network Proud Performance, for performing arts with LGBT perspective, is currently investigating different ways of informing and mobilizing to facilitate both practitioners and bookers to find and learn from each other. There is a Facebook group that you can apply to join if you want to find shows to see or book, or look for artistic collaborators for your next project. The group was formerly known as the HBTQ Network of Riksteatern, but has now changed name to Stolt Scenkonst, and is moderated by me and the Riksteatern´s Joakim Rindå. Unfortunately, if you don´t read Swedish you will need to run things through a translation program.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, Scensverige – Swedish ITI is going to be contact center for LGBT performing arts of global ITI. We will soon take the first steps in organizing the beginning of this work group/network. All ITI centers will be contacted, but please don´t hesitate to contact me if you want to.

Best wishes for a creative autumn,
Ulricha Johnson
Managing Director Scensverige – Swedish ITI