A theater evening based on intensive research in Shengal / Northern Iraq and in close cooperation with Yazidi women:

Since the liberation from the Islamic State (IS), the population in Shengal / Northern Iraq has been trying to build their own model of society. The driving force behind this renewal process are the Yazidi women.
Together with the background of intensive research trips in Shengal / Northern Iraq and a close cooperation with the “Dachverband des Êzidischen Frauenrats e.V.” we invite you to a theater evening, which directs our gaze to the local people and to our relationship to this struggle for freedom.
The focus is on women, their pain, their hope, their struggle for the future and their process of self-empowerment. The figures tell us about their inseparable connection to the last remaining Ezidi settlement area. And they report on their daily work for a future that includes everyone living in Shengal on an equal basis. Not an easy undertaking, but one that gives us incredible courage and hope and encourages us to shoulder our responsibility for a viable future and peace together.


With: Carmen Dalfogo, Ivan Anderson, Ferhat Keskin, Esra Ugurlu
Music: Metin Yilmaz, Susin Sewsen, Süleyman Carnewa
Concept, text & direction: Anina Jendreyko
Video & concept collaboration: Georg Faulhaber
Collaboration: Songül Talay (representative of the “Dachverband des Êzidischen Frauenrats e.V.”)
Stage and costume: Martina Ehleiter
Assistant director: Petra Rotar
Internship: Zeynep Yasar
Audio / lighting: Michel Jann, Inigo Mendieta
Production management: Pascal Moor
Graphics: Thomas Dillier
Premiere: 15. Oktober 2020, 19.30 Uhr
Further performances: October 18, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24, 2020, at 7.30 p.m.