Structures – Aesthetics- Cultural Policy
December 2-4, 2015 University of Hildesheim

Professor Manfred Brauneck’s book, ‘The World as a Stage’, provides a comprehensive overview of the forms and structures of world theatre. His research project, made possible by the award of the Balsan Prize, included a five year investigation into independent theatre in contemporary Europe.

To mark the project’s conclusion, a conference will be organised by the German centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) and the Institute for Cultural Policy at Hildesheim University. Entitled ‘Independent Theatre in Contemporary Europe: Structures – Aesthetics – Cultural Policy,’ the conference will present research from the project by Andrea Hensel (M.A.), Dr. Tine Koch, Dr. Petra Sabisch and Dr. Azadeh Sharifi for discussion by European theatre experts.

The research provides us with an overview of the forms and structures of contemporary independent theatre that have developed in Europe since the 1960s. It will be published in German and English, alongside essays by Professor Dr. Matthias Rebstock on independent music theatre, Henning Fülle on the independent theatre of Western Europe and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider  on independent theatre as a cultural policy challenge. The authors of these essays will all be taking part in the conference as speakers, panel members or facilitators. (The Conference will be held in English)

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