Hochschule der Künste Bern, Switzerland

Call for Applications:
Master Theater – Specialisation Expanded Theater.                           (Deadline 18th of April 2017)

The degree programme of the Bern University of Arts is a specialized study curriculum aimed at people from a wide range of theatre disciplines (actors, dancers, performers, musicians, puppetry performers and others) and leads to a Master’s Degree in Theater in three semesters. Our ambition is to encourage the student’s individual creativity and artistic authorship. The students deal with an advanced understanding of theatre that goes beyond the borders of any particular discipline and receive support and guidance from a team of lecturers at the Bern University of Arts and renowned guest lecturers.
For students to continue with other current occupations we offer the possibility to extend the programme to a maximum of five semesters.
Application Deadline: 18th of April 2017
For further consultation call:
+41 31 848 49 90