ITI masterfestival

Accademia Dimitri presents the Master Festival 2022

The Festival Master is intended as the culmination of Accademia Dimitri’s training, offering students a unique opportunity to present their creations to a large audience:  Represented in Verscio, these works demonstrate a great diversity of theatrical languages in support of complex and long-standing themes. In its singularity, each of these productions echoes the state of an ongoing reflection on today’s theatre, which each student has been able to conduct in constant dialogue with the Academy’s pedagogical staff. To enrich this crucial dimension of the creative process, two thematic round tables will be organized each weekend. We will welcome experts, professors and professionals from all over Europe, who will give us their point of view and dialogue with the audience on issues related to the future of theatre and its teaching.

This international openness corresponds to an important goal of the Master’s program, which is to encourage each student to build an international network that can offer them opportunities for collaborations or residencies after graduation.

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