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Change of Scene: New Call for Proposals

The Robert Bosch Foundation and the German Centre of the ITI are looking for cooperative projects that address prevailing social themes and change, and manifest them in a joint artistic response. This last call for proposals is directed at city and state theaters as well as independent companies from the German-speaking realm (Germany, Austria or Switzerland) who wish to develop a new artistic project with a partner from North Africa or Eastern Europe. Continue reading Change of Scene: New Call for Proposals

Competition for the Swiss contribution, Prague Quadrennial 2019

Pro Helvetia invites scenographers, visual artists, designers, architects and other practitioners from the field of performance design to participate in a competition for the Swiss contribution to the «Exhibition of Countries and Regions» of the 14th edition of the Prague Quadrennial (Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space).

The Swiss contribution, preferably the result of the work by a transdisciplinary team, represents a relevant and topical input for the international discourse on scenography (performance design) and for the practice of scenography in Switzerland. It places emphasis on scenography regarded as a constitutive and determining principle rather than as an element at the service of dramaturgy, staging or of a concept.

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International Playwrights’ Forum (IPF)

Readings of the winners of the IPF “International 10 Minutes Plays Competition“

“The Stage is our Nature“

In 2016 IPF has launched a multicultural short play competition around the globe. All plays are dealing with the issue of individual responsibility in the context of environ- mental protection.

An additional mentoring program started after the announcement of the five winning plays and lasted until the end of the year 2016, depending on the needs of the play- wrights.

The readings are directed by Matthias Gehrt and rehearsed with students of the Uni- versity of Segovia.

Some of the playwrights are attending the readings. An open discussion will complete the presentation of the winning plays.

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Information about International 10 Minutes Plays Competition

The winning plays of the “International 10 Minutes Plays Competition“ will be translated into the Philippine language and be broadcasted in 2018 in Manila at the private radio station of Cecile Guidote Alvarez, president of the ITI Philippines.
The IPF has launched this international competition.The winning plays have been read in a staged reading at the ITI world Congress in Segovia, Spain in July 2017.

Few words about Scensverige

Fall season at last!
There´s not a day without some our members announce their packed, challenging, inspiring
and unpredictable programs. Not to mention all the exciting courses, seminars and training
opportunities that are announced.  My tip is to be on full speed already in September because
more and more premiers are coming. Take a look at which performances open this month in

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